How to get the 60’S Vibe!!!!

ImageI was watching a brand new movie, it was set in the 60’s and 50’s! There style choices back then where a bit loud. But some of the clothes could still look very stylish. Here’s my tips to get the 60’s vibe!

  • Don’t wear to much floral patterns or swirl patterns!
  • Bold colour outfits are very stylish, but don’t wreck a beautiful bold outfit with patterns!
  • Tight and loose outfits are okay, don’t wear about that if you’re wearing a loose outfit I suggest that you keep it all one colour and with tight outfits you can express yourself with floral and swirl patterns!

As you can see from see from the pictures above we see what I’m saying about bold colours and the other picture shows some sixty’s styles. You can see that some of the styles would be unacceptable now a days but other styles would be so accepted that you could start a new trend! Comment how you get on!


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