1,000 Words

1,000 Words

The story I have thought of for this picture: Zoe was alone in the playground a dusty breeze was in the air. There was only one other child in the old and rusty playground, an old man sitting on the park bench. The old man was writing in a book, Zoe tried to squint her eyes to read the very fine print but it could not be done. Zoe turned around again and decided to have ago on the roundabout. She looked the old mans way again but there was no one there. She spotted his notebook sitting on the bench, she was thinking about going over there and reading it but what if the old man came back! Zoe had made up her mind to leave it but she felt like the little notebook was calling her name. It was calling her name in a voice she knew, it was getting louder and louder until Zoe couldn’t stand it. She rushed over to the notebook and opened the first page. It was a story of sailor who was lost at sea. Waves where crashing on to his little boat, the rest of the crew where now long gone. They had swam back to shore without the sailor. The last sailor wanted to make it to the little island he had dreamed about. Suddenly Zoe was sitting on a little boat by herself the waves crashing over her. She knew she was in the story and this must have been a dream. She tried pinching herself but she was still on the boat, she jumped into the sea because she thought it would wake her up, But she was sinking, in a panic she kicked her legs and pushed the water away with her hands. She was now gripping onto the side of the boat. She hadn’t read past this point she didn’t know what would happen next. So closed her eyes and lay down in the boat, she slept for a while but she was woken up by the feeling of sand. The boat was now on land. ‘Hello!’ said the old man she met in the park. ‘How……. Is isn’t possible!’ Zoe protested dusting her self off. ‘I beg to differ my dear, you see my book is a magic book. You read a part and suddenly boom you’re in the story!’ laughed the old man. ‘But…magic isn’t real!’ gasped Zoe. ‘If you’re not going to believe me then fine, find your own way home!’ muttered the old man. ‘No wait I do believe you! Now will you tell me how to get home!’ shouted Zoe. ‘Oh that’s easy, all you do is wish!’ chuckled the man. So Zoe closed her eyes tighter than ever before and wished for her to be back in the playground. And as if nothing had ever happened she was sitting on the round about! The End. I really hoped you all liked it! Here is another link to the Daily Post if you want to do the challenge to.

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