My Tips

I was thinking about the qualities that I think would make I good blogger. I was thinking about these qualities for myself but decided to share them with you to maybe pass on advice that I have been given from some very kind people.

  • The first thing that I think I blog should have is a an About page I know most people have them but if you don’t have one I would think about getting one. I didn’t have one for about a month until most of my advice was about it so I knew it had to change and now loads of views are to my About page and I got some likes on it too, Thanks Guys!
  • Second Tip is make sure you are writing something that you would want to read, this was one of my many mistakes as I would barely listen to the first lot if dribble I was writing. So make sure you would want to read it and maybe ask your friends and family to read it before you share it!
  • Tip Three is a big NO NO in my opinion, don’t copy someone’s work and by this I’m not saying don’t repost things and I’m saying never ever copy and paste another blog then put it into your own blog. I have never done this myself but I know some people might do this!
  • Tip number four always get involved with challenges and the community pool on the Daily Prompt because you will gain much more followers faster than sitting around waiting for someone to like your post! 
  • Tip five is make your blog stand out, I have been told this by a few people. There are a million other blogs out there so why should us as readers pick yours?
  • The last tip is a very important one it is be comfortable in your own skin and by that I mean be comfortable with what you’re writing don’t let someone hold you back from what you really want to say! Let your voice be hear!

I hoped you enjoyed those tips I made up for myself and you!


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