The Perfect Parent

The perfect parent is it a myth? I know some of you bloggers are married, have your own children or even grand children. But even now what is ‘The Perfect Parent’? Is it a parent who buys you clothes, the latest video games, mobile phones, laptops and toys. Or is it the parent who is strict and makes you save your own money to buy yourself things? To me its neither the ‘Perfect Parent’ if it is real would be firm but fair a person who would be you the odd thing even if its not your birthday or Christmas. I think all of us have our own thoughts on what a ‘Perfect Parent’ would be like but the truth is the ‘Perfect Parent’ is or was right there under our noses. Our parents are the ‘Perfect Parents’ because they know us and love us. There is no ‘Perfect Parent’ because for different people that would mean different things Image. So the meaning of this post is to be thankful for what you had or what you have because they won’t be there forever. Signed, The Nest


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