Why I hate Summer

There are a lot of reasons why I hate Summer. I know that you get off school which is great but for me after the first 2 weeks the days just drag on. My family didn’t go any where special this Summer but we did have a weekend road trip but that isn’t the same as chilling by the pool, walking around in your bare feet and getting a tan. One of the other reasons why I loath summer is that you haven’t got a mental time table. For me on week days it was:

  • Shower
  • Get dressed for school
  • Get my breakfast
  • Brush teeth
  • Run and try to make the bus
  • Do part 1 of homework
  • Have dinner
  • Do part 2 of homework
  • Social Network
  • Go to bed

Now I have no plan, I laze around the house watching Friends and Whitney. But soon in a few days my mental plan will come into action! I am actually looking forward to school I know it sounds like I’m mental ill to say that but its the truth and on this blog I tell you the truth!!!! But the only sad thing is when summers over I won’t be blogging that much, I will probably try to blog on a Friday or Sunday night if I’m not busy. Which also means I won’t get to read everyone else’s lovely blogs! Thanks for reading I hoped you guys enjoyed.

Signed. The Nest


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