Jake and The Duck

I haven’t wrote in about two days I’ve been busy with school but I couldn’t completely forget about WordPress! Oh by the way does anyone know how to get them to stop sending me email updates?! Anyway I’m writing because I have a story to tell. A couple of days ago Jake my adorable nephew was over, he crawls like a spitfire but he is trying to stand. My mum has a wooden duck in our hall and Jake was holding onto his beak for dear life. I lifted Jake and set him on the wooden duck. Jake always smiles but today his smile seemed a little bigger and a little brighter. The duck was shaking and so was Jake, I was carefully watching Jake. When I now thought it was unsafe I lifted him onto the sun room carpet. But it was just like Jake to crawl back to the duck. I lifted him on again but this time I sat behind Jake so I would be sure to catch him if he fell. Jake shook and so did the duck and suddenly all I could see was the duck slipping away and before I knew it I was thrown head first into the hall table with luckly Jake still in my arms. But I know never to sitting on a wooden duck this comes in handy with three nephews.


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