Beauty On A Budget

When I put up my question on the Community Pool somebody suggested since I love fashion, makeup and hair I do a blog on how to get the celeb style. So this is just a part of my blog called Beauty On A Budget. I will categorize It so if you’re only interested in Beauty On A Budget you can just click on the category on my blog.

So lets begin the first part of this category! I love tartan I always have always will but sadly it sort of went out of style so I didn’t wear it anymore. But good news for me and all you tartan lovers out there! It’s coming back into style! Laura%20Schofield%20Crop To get this cute tartan style you don’t have to live in Scotland all the shops have it and it is my job to research to the right price and give you beauty on a budget. Lets start off with the skirt also known as the ‘Kilt’. 772017 You can get this skirt for £28 pounds at Next but if you really like the green skirt in the picture you can buy it for £40 pound at Asos.com but I thought that was a little pricey. You can see that she is wearing long socks rolled down. 08K02EBLK_thumb These socks are cute and fun from TopShop and are £6 but if you would prefer to go with shorter socks 08P13EBRG_thumb you can get this at TopShop for £3.60 and I should know because I am actually wearing this pair of socks! OFFER ALERT: You can get three pairs of the socks with the frills on top for £8. I love her boots which are also really in style now you can get a pair this pair for £24.99 at H&M untitled (2)

Okay we’re moving onto the blouse now and you can get this cute one from Next at £28. 782-856-X52s2 And finally to top it off with a large gold necklace which you don’t have to do we have one from TopShop at £20 61O23EBLK_thumb I really hoped you enjoyed my first entry in this new series. Be sure to comment and tell me if you have decided to give this style a try!

Signed. The Nest