Facing My fears


In June, I went to a camp for the weekend and one of our activities was called the ‘Cube Course’ a large square that is hell! You have to walk across that wood and actually jump off it while people are shaking the other sides. It may be fun for the more adventurous types but for me I was scared. On my first try I could make it half way up the ladder and yes I did cry. I cried only a little bit but you don’t know what its like, everyone watching you and with one wrong step you left tumbling downwards and the rope catches you just before your head hits the ground. Everyone else finished it with flying colours but I could only make it to the top of ladder and I wouldn’t step on the shaking bit of wood that was right there beside me. I was ashamed off myself, everyone was supporting me but I could tell the mean girls Ellie and Stephanie where having a laugh about it. So next year at camp if I even go I am going to try and face my fears! I’ll tell you how it goes if I make it back alive. Signed, The Nest