The Mona Lisa

I was wondering why does Mona Lisa does not smile. I bet she would if she would’ve know it would be one of the most famous paintings on earth. But in this painting it does look like there is a slight hint of a smile. She scares me a little, her face looks yellow and mouldy to me. I don’t know why I decided I write about The Mona Lisa it just came into my head. Jay did a drawing once that sort of looked like Mona Lisa. But it also looks like a bunch of scribbles and and a few dots. Mona Lisa does remind me of someone, my sister Gemma. The long hair and forehead are the features that remind me most of her.


Are We All Related

This thought has pondered in and out of my mind though out the years and I thought today I would share it. Are We All Related? In the bible God created only two people Adam and Eve. In The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe everyone calls the children Sons of Adam and daughters of Eve. Is it true? I mean what if the person across the street is my long lost brother or what if the old lady next door is my long lost Grandmother. Is this something to look into or has my mind gone a little wonky. It does interest me none the less. I just thought I would share my wacky thought with you guys!

Signed. The Nest