I have this neighbour that I hear from my bedroom window, he seems to have a dog in his back garden because from 9 am to 12 pm you can hear him calling it. I think his dog has the same name as my little brother. Because one night I heard him calling, ‘Max, Max come here boy’ and I was kind of freaked out because I thought he was talking about my brother. Anyway the man calls his dog though the day and into the night which is really annoying because when you close your eyes to drift off to sleep all you hear is him shouting at his dog. I sometimes listen to him shouting because he shouts so loud you can’t help but over hear. I watched him one night and thought about asking him to be quiet! Which maybe I should but I don’t want to be rude. I am the only one upstairs that hears him which is so annoying and weird. Because when you try to complain to them they say, ‘Who, what, I didn’t hear anything’! So maybe I should record it to show them. I also sort of like listening to him because it’s become such a daily thing I’m used to it!