The Royal Baby Part 3

We have just saw the Royal baby which has not been given a name yet! We waited 36 hours to see this beautiful boy sadly no name yet for the Prince of Cambridge but as soon as we find out I will do a part four with an even better close up of prince Cambridge! It’s so exciting to see their heir and think of how Kate and William must be feeling! They have this big responsibility now to try and raise their first son to have a normal life, to be safe from harm and make sure they have time to spend with him! I saw the pictures and when they came out of the Lindo Wing and I am truly thrilled for Kate and William! ec09a38b-9b16-48e2-922b-1c5d64338e28_500c030e7ce-398b-45ee-ba63-3224e24a5427_500a9600156-912d-4ea4-9fab-2219a76e5153_500


Royal Baby! Part 2 (It’s a Boy)

thCANY4V4Pkate got a bump

Kate had a baby boy (everyone thought it was going to be a girl) at 4:24PM. It was 8 pounds and 6 ounces! I was so happy for Kate when I was watching Sky News. I think they’ll name him James or Phillip. I am not quite sure comment on a name you think they’ll call him. The next and finally part about the royal baby will be blogged about later tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully we will know his name and see a picture of this Prince! The HMS Lancaster celebrated the birth by doing this, how sweet! I am so happy for Kate and William and the new baby prince, that prince is third in line for the throne but I felt sorry for Harry as he got pushed back and he is now 4th!