Jake and The Duck

I haven’t wrote in about two days I’ve been busy with school but I couldn’t completely forget about WordPress! Oh by the way does anyone know how to get them to stop sending me email updates?! Anyway I’m writing because I have a story to tell. A couple of days ago Jake my adorable nephew was over, he crawls like a spitfire but he is trying to stand. My mum has a wooden duck in our hall and Jake was holding onto his beak for dear life. I lifted Jake and set him on the wooden duck. Jake always smiles but today his smile seemed a little bigger and a little brighter. The duck was shaking and so was Jake, I was carefully watching Jake. When I now thought it was unsafe I lifted him onto the sun room carpet. But it was just like Jake to crawl back to the duck. I lifted him on again but this time I sat behind Jake so I would be sure to catch him if he fell. Jake shook and so did the duck and suddenly all I could see was the duck slipping away and before I knew it I was thrown head first into the hall table with luckly Jake still in my arms. But I know never to sitting on a wooden duck this comes in handy with three nephews.


The Mona Lisa

I was wondering why does Mona Lisa does not smile. I bet she would if she would’ve know it would be one of the most famous paintings on earth. But in this painting it does look like there is a slight hint of a smile. She scares me a little, her face looks yellow and mouldy to me. I don’t know why I decided I write about The Mona Lisa it just came into my head. Jay did a drawing once that sort of looked like Mona Lisa. But it also looks like a bunch of scribbles and and a few dots. Mona Lisa does remind me of someone, my sister Gemma. The long hair and forehead are the features that remind me most of her.


The Art Of Jay

My sister Laura was over for dinner with her sons Jay and Jake. It is funny I’m thinking of posting pictures that Jay has drew, they are quite entertaining, his little sketches. They are not even proper pictures but one of my old teachers is a very good artist, I will link his site down below. But Mr Shaw thought us to squint our eyes and try to make pictures out of scribbles. It is very fun to do, my last bed room had a swirly ceiling that I could make pictures out of. Some pictures are odd, funny, normal and some are even scary. It is unpredictable what your mind will see. In Jays picture today there is a bowler hat with a star inside of it and on the other side of the page two golf clubs. Please tell me if I should post his pictures. We didn’t do much more after drawing. We watched a couple episode of Mickey Mouse and even now that show entertains my little brain.