Get Read For Your Close Up.


If I had to cast my dream movie it would star Jennifer Aniston as the leading role. She would be a woman trying to recover her past and she would have a younger her played by Baliee Madison. I’m not trying rip off Just Go With It but it is because Baliee Madison looks most like Jennifer Aniston younger self. Joey King would be Baliee best friend but now Lana Parrilla would be hate Jennifer and that’s why Jennifer would recover her past. I know the movie sounds a bit wishy washy bits that who would play the roles and what my dream movie would be about!



Never Give In!

I want to know what happened to a time where people read books. Now a days people buy Kindles and read books on them but I enjoy feeling the crisp fresh paper in my hands. Smelling that smell of a brand new book. You feel like you’re in the story with a book but with a computer, ipad and kindle you are staring a cold hard screen and the glare from the screen makes your eyes water that you can’t read for too long. So you can never get to the good bits without stopping for a break. My brother doesn’t read books he reads his ipad and he never gets into the story and feel sorry that he wasn’t born in a time where most people read books. So that is why I will never give up my books and never give in the kindles, ipads and computers