Jake and The Duck

I haven’t wrote in about two days I’ve been busy with school but I couldn’t completely forget about WordPress! Oh by the way does anyone know how to get them to stop sending me email updates?! Anyway I’m writing because I have a story to tell. A couple of days ago Jake my adorable nephew was over, he crawls like a spitfire but he is trying to stand. My mum has a wooden duck in our hall and Jake was holding onto his beak for dear life. I lifted Jake and set him on the wooden duck. Jake always smiles but today his smile seemed a little bigger and a little brighter. The duck was shaking and so was Jake, I was carefully watching Jake. When I now thought it was unsafe I lifted him onto the sun room carpet. But it was just like Jake to crawl back to the duck. I lifted him on again but this time I sat behind Jake so I would be sure to catch him if he fell. Jake shook and so did the duck and suddenly all I could see was the duck slipping away and before I knew it I was thrown head first into the hall table with luckly Jake still in my arms. But I know never to sitting on a wooden duck this comes in handy with three nephews.


Get Read For Your Close Up.


If I had to cast my dream movie it would star Jennifer Aniston as the leading role. She would be a woman trying to recover her past and she would have a younger her played by Baliee Madison. I’m not trying rip off Just Go With It but it is because Baliee Madison looks most like Jennifer Aniston younger self. Joey King would be Baliee best friend but now Lana Parrilla would be hate Jennifer and that’s why Jennifer would recover her past. I know the movie sounds a bit wishy washy bits that who would play the roles and what my dream movie would be about!